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My CONNECT account is used for all account administration purposes. Showing CONNECT account information within the service is possible, i.e. users can view CONNECT account information in the service. Editing of this information is done in My CONNECT account:

We encourage the services to provide an option to the user of managing these settings. Here are suggestions on how and where to provide this link, depending on how much screen estate is available.

placeholder-image Show link only - small

Using “Signed in with ” in combination with “Manage (CONNECT) account” has been proven to help users understand that CONNECT is related to the sign in. It also helps to differentiate between your app or other account settings.

placeholder-image Show account data with link - large

With this option it is possible to show additional data from My CONNECT account (e.g. phone numbers, email addresses, password) and link directly to the screens where this data can be modified.

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