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Required registration details

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To get access to the CONNECT APIs, you need your client to be registered with the authorization server. After the client has been registered and configured in the authorization server, we will send you a client ID to be used to identify the client when doing requests towards the authentication and authorization API. If the client is confidential, you will get a client secret in addition, so that the client can be authenticated properly. The information we need to get about your client is listed below.



It is of course possible to update the information later on if there are any changes.

Choosing a redirect URI

After successful authentication and authorization, the authorization server needs a way to deliver the resulting authorization code (or a potential error) to the client. The authorization code can be delivered in several different ways, depending on the type of redirect URI used:

If a redirect URI is not chosen, we will set up one of the following default values, depending on the technology used in the client:

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