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Integrate CONNECT using a browser that supports Single Sign On Single Sign On not only gives your users the advantage of not having to sign in to every single app which uses CONNECT, it also gives you instant access to My CONNECT account — Single Sign On.


Use the CONNECT sign in button Provide the user with the obvious call to action in order to decrease bounces and have a higher conversion rate. Help the user recognise the signing in across services using CONNECT by using the same call to action button (the CONNECT sign in button).

Use the term “Sign in” CONNECT is a single entry point solution where the user does not need to remember if they have an account (“Should I click login or register?”) - Terminology

Support the brand Help us to build trust towards the user by choosing a header colour and logo which fits best with your starting.

Choose high security levels only where needed Lower security levels have a higher conversion rate (Telenor subscribers only). It is therefore a good idea to use lower security levels for fast on-boarding and low risk areas and only ask for a password before accessing more sensitive areas of your service - Various security levels

Account management

Show “Signed in with” in your service Give the user the opportunity to see what email/phone they have signed in with. As this is clearly related to “Sign in”, options to “Switch user”, “Manage CONNECT account” or to “Sign out” can be shown in this context. As an icon we suggest a person/cogwheel combined. Avoid using the cogwheel alone, as this is usually used for the app settings.

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Separate My CONNECT account-specific settings from App-specific settings Make sure the user can easily differentiate between the settings in your app (e.g. turn off notifications, enable mobile data upload) from the My CONNECT account settings (e.g. change password, edit permissions, see connected services).

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